September24 , 2023

7 Real Reasons Why Some Farmers Don’t Make Money



7 Real Reasons Why Some Farmers Don’t Make Money

You can get rich through any business including farming. I have seen many rich farmers and very poor farmers. This is common in every business.

Below are the real reasons why some people never make real money in farming business.


1. DISORGANIZATION – Oh yes. Some farmers are so disorganized. The real truth is that disorganized people don’t make money. Order, they say is the first law in heaven. Money is usually magnetic to order.

2. CRUELTY – Some farmers are cruel to their workers. Always shouting. Always threatening workers. And of course, workers will keep sabotaging their plans and efforts.


3. CHOP ALONE MENTALITY – Some farmers have continually found it difficult to make real good money in farming because they are always very selfish in good times. Good times should favour everybody in the business. Those who don’t share the good times in business with their workers rarely get rich.

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4. PRODUCTION JUNKIES – It’s good to be good in production, but your ignorance of marketing will radically limit your exploits in any business including farming.

5. POOR MARKETING SENSE – Be good in production and be super good in marketing if you really want to make it in business including farming. Marketing and innovation is really the work we do as business owners. The more we know this, the better our business becomes.

6. LACK OF VISION – Where there is no vision, poverty reigns. Vision is what attracts provision to any venture including farming business.

7. EXTRAVAGANT LIVING – Some farmers get too impatient for the business to grow before they start living big. There is nothing wrong with living big, but doing this too early in any business can bring poverty fast.

The above are simply my opinion coming from over 30 years of experience in the farming industry. If you find yourself guilty of any point above, quickly correct yourself and move on. Believe me, things will start changing positively. I was also guilty in some of them but I have learnt my lessons.

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