June30 , 2022

Know about Arbor Acre Plus



Know about Arbor Acre Plus

The Arbor acre plus strain are available in two types: one which produces sexable broilers and one which produces all fast feathering broilers. The sexable type and the non-sexable type.


Both types will have similar growth, feed conversion and meat yield characteristics. The nutritional requirements for the broilers will also be the same.


Also, the Arbor Acre Plus is just a slight genetic improvement on the regular Arbor Acre; less feather and more meat gain in a shorter time than the Arbor Acre. For broiler farmers, the ‘plus’ makes all the difference.

They are characterized by strong growth, very good feed conversion ratio, excellent viability, and exceptional meat yield at processing.

They have close resemblance with the Arbor Acre. With good management, they attain table size with 7-8weeks. Could be shorter with the addition of some tweaks.

There are the free-range slow-growing Hubbard broilers. They attain table size in 70 days plus or Minus depending on what they’re fed with i.e nutrition.

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