August18 , 2022

Why Quality is marketing



Why Quality is marketing

Philip Crosby, author of Quality is free, says that quality means that “Your product does what you say it will do when you sell it, and it continues to do it ”


Quality is marketing. Period.


Do you pursue quality in your farming business? Do you care how your farm products turn out? Do you care about what your customers says about your farm products? Do you give a damn about the services you render to people as they patronize you?

The other day I ate an egg that the yolk was pure white. I mean you can’t tell a difference between the egg white and the yolk color wise. Personally I will not like to repeat that experience! I like my egg yolk to be golden yellow.

It is time for farmers to know that quality matters in all that we do. Quality is marketing. You should make all your workers know this. When all hands are on deck to pursue quality in terms of services and products, you are bound to benefit greatly.


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Many times people think they can just offer whatever they like to the customers as long as the price is cheap. The fact is that customers know when what you are offering them is inferior to what they are looking for. I can tell you that it is just a matter of time. The customers will ultimately leave you and go for what they want when they find it.

The journey to quality products and services can be very long and problematic, but if you are determined to go the way of quality, you will get there. As the business owner, it is your duty to drive the change you want to see in your business.

First things first. Insist on getting quality services from your workers. Summarily dismiss anyone that is stubbornly offering shallow or mediocre services. Let everyone know that quality is the standard for all that you are doing in your business now.

Before you know it, this aura of quality consciousness will dominate your business environment. This ambience will pervade whatever everyone is doing and the end result will be quality products and services for your customers.

The moment your customers start identifying your business with quality products and services, the noise will go out into the community and you will start attracting quality minded customers.

Never forget that everyone loves quality, including YOU!

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