June26 , 2022

How To Apply Rabbit Urine As Fertilizer   



How To Apply Rabbit Urine As Fertilizer



Like other fertilizers; there are some processes and precautions you must take when you want to apply rabbit urine as fertilizer.


Firstly, you need to either get the urine, directly from your rabbit farm or purchase from rabbit farmers. A mature rabbit can produce up to 250ml of urine per day; five (5) mature rabbits can produce up to one (1) liter of urine per day.

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WARNING: Do not apply the rabbit urine directly on the crops, it is highly concentrated and can scorch your crop; you need to dilute with water for safe use.


Rabbit urine is best used as fertilizer by mixing it with water at a ratio of 1:5; that is, one (1) liter of the urine to five (5) liters of water.

Different methods of fertilizer application, depending on the type and nature of the fertilizer you want to apply. Because rabbit urine fertilizer is in liquid form, it is best applied using fertigation or foliar application.

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Fertigation is a method of applying liquid fertilizer through irrigation water; you mix the urine in the irrigation water at the recommended rate as stated earlier. *Foliar application* is another method of applying fertilizers in liquid form through the leaves and stem of the plant.

In fertigation, the rabbit urine is diluted with the irrigation water and it is applied to the root zone using drip tubes or other means. Alternatively, the foliar application applies the fertilizer to the leaves, stems, at times, root region.

The advantages of fertigation are

It is easy to achieve, less time consuming and application is done to the roots directly where the plants utilize it.

The advantage of the foliar application: It allows the plants to have easy access to the fertilizer, thereby, enhancing the perfect utilization of the fertilizer. Plants absorb the fertilizers through parts like lenticels, stomata aside from the roots. Although, it could be stressful and time-consuming.

For the conventional 16 liters sprayer, you need 3.2 liters of rabbit urine to 16 liters of water for perfect use.

Alternatively, you can add some materials to the rabbit urine to make it more effective and nutritionally better. You can mix the rabbit urine with maize starch and molasses and allow to ferment for 3 weeks before using it.

After 3 weeks, the fertilizer is ready for use but at a different rate of application. Dilute one liter of this mixture in 20 liters of water. You can apply using any of the aforementioned methods of fertilizer application.


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