June26 , 2022

6 reasons Why many farmers are not making money as they should even now



6 reasons Why many farmers are not making money as they should even now

Money is there to be made every time in any business because as they say, energy is neither created nor destroyed.


But there’s a way to attract money in any business and failure to keep to the rules of the game will always result into frustration and despair.


Let’s see why some farmers are not making money as they should even in these difficult times.

1. Many farmers have the wrong mindsets. Money making is first of all a mind matter. If you don’t have the right mindset about money, you can’t attract much of it in your farming business. For example, do you believe that one can make money in farming if things are done right? Or do you always indulge in complaining and murmuring about the farming business that you are currently doing now? See, one thing I have known over the years is that incessant complaining always blind ones eyes to opportunities that are always present no matter the circumstances.

2. Many farmers are still doing farming as a hobby instead of running it as a business venture that it is. No one can run farming as a hobby and make money in it. It really doesn’t work this way. You will really need to get down to business and put in your very best.

3. Many farmers are too attached to using cheap quality inputs. Recently, I was in a market in one of the south west cities trying to do some field research. Those who are selling inputs told me that farmers are not insisting on quality drugs again. They just want something very cheap whether it is working or not. Imagine that! How will you make money when your livestock are not enjoying optimal health?

4. Many farmers keep insisting on doing things their way instead of working with good experts. I keep telling all farmers that good experts are shortcuts to success in any business. The trick is to keep doing all you can to get the right experts and you will tap the gold in farming business.

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5. Many farmers don’t agree that without constant marketing, no money will really come out from farming business. Most times, you will just keep pumping money into production without getting much out of it down the line. Why? No marketing efforts.

6. Many farmers are too rigid in their dealings with their workers and fellow farmers. To really get much from farming, you need to blend with your workers and fellow successful farmers. We all need to learn here and there to wriggle our ways through the wilderness of the business world. Keep your eyes open. Have an open mind. Be willing and ready to learn. Drop the ego and embrace adventure and simplicity. Believe me, you will learn so much and scale your business.


I still have many points to share with Farmers but I will reserve them for other times. Meanwhile, I want farmers to consider the points above and sort out the ones you can do something about to keep reaping the resulting money benefits.

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