June30 , 2022

How Dr John Made millions in farming business



How Dr John Made millions in farming business

I love talking to farmers to share their experiences in order to benefit other farmers. A lot of farmers keep making terrible mistakes simply because they did not take the necessary time to learn about or from successful farmers. This trend will continue until things are done the way it should be done.


It is not only in farming business that one needs to study the successful before stepping out. This is in every business. The song I keep singing in the farming industry is that you can shorten your way to success by learning from or about the successful. Simple!


Let me tell you the story of Dr John. He is a very rich poultry farmer. I mean very rich. I once interviewed him to tell me the secret of his great success In farming.

He smiled. Then he leaned forward towards me and muttered,”I always try to double or increase my investment whenever fellow farmers are packing up. I don’t allow the adversity of the moment to get me off course. I know that I am passionate about farming. I know that people must always eat. I know farmers will come and go when things get tough and I know that the courageous will always have the day. I simply join the courageous. This strategy has never failed me.”

Wow! I will never forget this great lesson from Dr John. I have applied this great lesson to my mindset about business and I keep reaping huge benefits from it.


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