June26 , 2022

Why you should participate in the upcoming AVIANA 2021



Why you should participate in the upcoming AVIANA 2021

The ECOWAS-AVIANA AVIV West Africa Intl. EXPO is one of the biggest agriculture and agribusiness exhibition and conference that will offer your organization the opportunity to introduce your products and services to various agricultures stakeholders from different states, and countries. It will expand the value chains sectors of agribusiness in West Africa and the globe.


The event will help to promote and support the expansion of company’s market base and network, create more awareness on their products and services to their target audience. It will enhance both the local and international market networks, sales, globe business networkings, trade Missions, commerce and market research.


It will Build brand awareness, generate new markets, Source new clients and customers. It will avail to you over 10000 farmers and stakeholders that have not have pre-knowledge of your products and services to have access to them.

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Because of the partnership with the target associations, organization, state, regional, federal government’s agencies and farmers, it will avail to you the opportunity for them to know more about your products and services that will enhance future collaboration and business networks.

The B2B meetings and products presentation will give the farmers and stakeholders the opportunity to partner and buy into your products during and after the conference.

We do everything possible to supply quality information for farmers day in, day out and we are committed to keep doing this. Your kind donation will help our continuous research efforts.