January17 , 2022

Wisdom for the 21st century farmers Episode 2



Wisdom for the 21st century farmers Episode 2

I am really wanting to speak to you on training your farm managers! Yes, farm managers. If you do not know, your farm manager is highly crucial to the success or failure of your farming business.


My company helps to recruit farm managers in Nigeria and we experience all manner of interface with farming business owners who want the farm managers that can perform magic for them. But the truth is that no one can give what they don’t have. I always tell farmers who cannot afford to hire highly experienced farm managers to hire the fresh ones and train them to help them turn their farms around for good.

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The success of any farm depends so much on the skills of the farm manager. As a farmer who really wants to make good money in farming, you should never forget this. I am bold to state that any individual that is exposed to our FARM MANAGERS TRAINING will help turn any farm around for good. I really think farmers should do everything possible to help train their farm managers from time to time so that they can in turn impact their farms for good.

When a farm manager does not know what to do in a farm on a regular basis, how can he turn the farm around for good? It is not possible. The moment you are willing to invest in your farm managers regularly, you have signed up for extraordinary success in your farming business.

It’s always very amusing to me that some farmers wants the best to work for them but they don’t want to do what it takes. Some farmers believe that once someone is a graduate of Agriculture or the holder of DVM, that person does not need to be trained again and should be able to turn any farm around profitably. This view may not work. These graduates still need to be exposed to the reality training in the business environment. This is what we try to do at WORLD FARMERS CENTRE.

The moment those graduates are exposed to the exhaustive functions of the farm managers and the operation strategies for farm success, their eyes become open to the tremendous possibilities available to them. And the funny thing is that the cost of training the farm manager is practically peanut compared with the huge benefits.

Dear Farmers, consider the points above and start training your farm managers. You can call me on 08035219966 if you are interested.