June25 , 2024

[MUST READ] 10 profits boosting ideas in farming business




The real reason for engaging in the business of farming is to make profits. But profits don’t just come. You have to work it out!

One of the best ways to make better profits in livestock and poultry farming is to do away with unnecessary costs. A wise farmer will continually look for ways to cut costs without necessarily reducing the quality of his farm products.


Let us look at some ideas that will greatly boost your farm profits in both short and long runs.

1. STRICT HYGIENE/BIOSECURITY: We cannot overemphasize the need for hygiene in the farming environment. There is no money spent on hygiene that will not turn to gains eventually. Do not give room to dirty attendants and practices; they are profits killers.


2. PREVENTIVE HEALTH MENTALITY: Always aim to prevent disease outbreak in your farming operations. Strive at all cost to do all necessary preventive practices. It is always better and cheaper to prevent disease than to eliminate disease. A wise farmer will constantly carry a preventive health mentality.

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3. OPTIMAL FEEDING: Your feeding strategy should aim at maximizing your feeds. Do not overfeed and do not underfeed. Continually seek to get to the point of optimal feeding system for your animal and birds.

4. BALANCED DIET/FEED: Don’t shortchange yourself by formulating ‘rubbish’ feed for your stock. Note that it is ‘garbage in, garbage out’. As you lay your bed, so you will lie on it. Go for correct feed formulation all the time and ultimately your profits will soar.

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5. ENVIRONMENTAL SENSITIVITY: Be sensitive to environmental changes and take appropriate steps to get circumstances to favour you. Note temperature changes and take precautions. Don’t be a victim of any form of flood. Do whatever you need to do to your housing system to control environmental changes. Check out stress factors like noises and stop them firmly.

6. TIMELY TREATMENT OF DISEASE: Time is not only money; time is life. Make hay while the sun shines. Treat your sick animal and birds on time. Do not procrastinate in any way whenever there is a problem in your farm. Get professional help as soon as possible and get things under control.

7. GET A VETERINARY CONSULTANT: Do your best to get the services of a qualified veterinarian. If you can’t afford to employ a full time vet, arrange a retaineership agreement with the vet of your choice. Don’t carry the heavy burden of farming alone, allow the professionals to help you share the burden.

8. KEEP RECORDS: Accurate record keeping of every level of your farming activity is very important. Drive away thieves from you. Do away with unprofitable attendants and other staff.

9. SAVE MONEY: Don’t eat all your profits. Get a system of saving money from farm proceeds on regular basis. Future investments in farming will be easier as you do this.

10. HAVE A PROFIT GOAL: Yes! If you aim at nothing, you will hit it all the time. There is power in setting goals. Plan out your profit goal and focus on it all the time. Write it in a 3×5 cards and carry it in your pocket everyday and everywhere. Work towards your goal and your dreams will come true!

In conclusion, it is extremely important to work out these ideas and provoke greater profits in your farming business. You can do it. Get busy now.


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