December9 , 2022

7 sure ways to make money in farming



7 sure ways to make money in farming

Farming is a lucrative business. But the money in farming will not come magically. You have to work out the money through tested strategies. I am a Farming industry Researcher and have discussed with many rich farmers. Let me share with you briefly some sure ways to make money in farming.


1. Find a mentor. The person must be a successful and experienced farmer. No one can give what he does not have. Stay close to your mentor and you will learn invaluable tricks to make farming work!


2. Link up with a professional and get him or her involved right from the start. Believe me; you can’t go far in farming business without an experienced professional.

3. Be ready to learn and learn and learn. Be ready to star all over again if you failed to learn at the beginning. Farming without relevant knowledge will always lead to frustration and failure.

4. Start small. Yes, start small. Don’t bite more than you can chew. A lot of people are out of the farming business because they did not cut their suit according to their cloth!

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5. Persevere, difficult times will come whether you like it or not. The best approach is never to give up. You must persevere through the difficult times.

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6. Be diligent and watchful. No one can truly run your farm like you. Be prevention conscious and watch out for fraudulent farm workers.

7. Reinvest your profits. Keep reinvesting your profits no matter how small. Never be tempted to indulge in wasteful activities.

Get busy with 7 sure ways and you will make it in farming.


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