June26 , 2022

Two unconventional business wisdom for farming success



Two unconventional business wisdom for farming success

To succeed in any business, you need wisdom. Wisdom is the principal thing. Wisdom makes the world go round. Wisdom makes the face of a man to shine and keep shining! I will share below 2 unconventional business wisdom that can make a farmer to succeed and keep succeeding in the farming business.



That is, have the beginner’s mindset. You should never think you have arrived in the farming business. Always assume that you are a beginner who is very much eager to learn. This frame of mind will take you far. When you behave as if you have arrived, you will begin to feel too big to learn the basic things that can still help you to succeed the more in the farming business. Business is dynamic, nobody knows it all. Think like a beginner.

Be curious. Be humble. This is the way of the winner. Thinking like a beginner is a state of curiosity where you see situations anew, not letting old information and the “benefits” of experience cloud your judgment. Experience, after all, took place in the past, and the thinking, strategies, and information that worked in the past are often outdated and obsolete.

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Echoing Gwyin, K. Shelley Porges, Bank of America senior vice president, observed, “The greatest challenge we have as we become successful is never to rest on our laurels, never to feel like we’ve done it. The minute you feel like you have done it, that’s the beginning of the end.” Juggle yourself from time to time. Are you successful now? Mess with it. Break things up to yet create more success. Shun being arrogant, complacent and lethargic.

Move! Someone aptly noted, “If you fail to constantly improve, if you assume “it aren’t broke yet,” someone else will build on your idea, will make it better, and you’ll soon be broke! You must keep growing, changing, and evolving if you truly want to make it in business.

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