August18 , 2022

4 No-nonsense ways to sell your farm eggs profitably



4 No-nonsense ways to sell your farm eggs profitably

Egg glut in the Nigeria market is always a sorry sight in a country of more than 150 million. It is difficult to estimate the psychological, emotional and financial losses of farmers during egg glut. But to every challenge in life and business, there is a way out. Join me to briefly explore 5 unique ways to sell farm eggs profitably and remove yourself from the damages of egg glut.

1. Dig your well before you are thirsty.

Many farmers are usually thrown off balance whenever buyers are not coming for their eggs. Farmers should always be on the offensive and build regular and loyal buyers when things are rosy. This will help them in tough times.
2. Do a crusade!


It is high time for individual farmers to take their destiny into their own bands. A wise farmer should on constant basis carry massive crusades to schools, hospitals and market and do direct promotion and selling.

3. Provide quality eggs.
Definitely during tough times the wheat will be taken from the chaff. Farmers with badly produced eggs in neatness, size and probably yolk coloration will enjoy preferred patronage during tough times.
4. Cooperate to conquer.

Farmers should keep joining hands together to combat their collective challenges of which egg glut is one of them. A unified force directed consistently to generate demand for egg consumption will go a long way to help the farming business.

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