August18 , 2022

3 great lessons from RICHARD BRANSON for farming success



3 great lessons from RICHARD BRANSON for farming success 

Richard Branson is an iconic success by every definition. He is a multibillionaire in pounds sterling. He is an inspiration to me any day and any time. I have treasured his words for years and they have helped me a lot in business and life. I believe that my farmer friends can boost their production and profits by adapting some of his wisdom into their farming operations. I am going to share some of his wisdom here.

1. USE AND HARNESS OTHER PEOPLE’S KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE. Richard Branson said, “I believe in using and harnessing other people’s knowledge and experience, which is why I like to work holistically, within a team.”


This is a powerful wisdom for a serious farmer to use to maximize his or her operations.

2. LOOK, LISTEN AND LEARN ALL THE TIME.Richard Branson once wrote, “Looking, listening, learning – these are things we should do all our lives, not just at school.”

Some farmers think that things can just move on greatly without concerted efforts on their part to absorb as much information as they can get in getting tangible results from their farms. A farmer that will truly prosper must be a die-hard learner.


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3. TIRELESSLY VALUE YOUR EMPLOYEES, CUSTOMERS AND PEOPLE IN GENERAL. Richard Branson gave this powerful insight: “People generally don’t leave their jobs through lack – they leave because they aren’t valued.”
When as a farmer, you value your work hands, customers and other people that you come across in your daily living; you stand a greater chance of getting the best out of them to help you move forward.
Woe unto a farmer who cannot get reliable workers. When workers keep coming and going without staying to contribute their own quota to your farming operations, you need to watch it. The fault might be your management system. Shape up!

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