June4 , 2023

5 unique ways to use information in boosting farming profits



5 unique ways to use information in boosting farming profits

There is no accidental success in life or business. Success must be a planned effort. We are told that luck is when opportunities meet preparation. To succeed in farming, you need facts. A mentor once told me that one cannot fail with facts and it is facts that makes fat! Below are some of the unique ways you can use facts to become a fat farmer brimming with cash!



1. Build Information Bank.

I always advice farmers to have a ‘Day Book’ where they can put all sorts of information, wisdom, tips,
gleaning from readings,lessons, and every other facts that can help their farming operations. Because information not retrievable is useless, a ‘Day Book’ becomes a place where the farmer can go from time to time to tap guidance for exploits in farming.
2. Attend Relevant Seminars and Workshop.
New things are coming up everyday in a rapidly changing world. A wise farmer will keep his or her ears to the ground to gather relevant facts to move to next level in farming operations.
3. Apply The Information Gathered.
Accumulation of facts without a determined application of it is playing games and courting failure in farming. Apply, apply, and apply is the rule of the game when it comes to facts. Turn the facts to cash by consistent application.

4. Share What Works With Other Farmers.

Life is essentially spiritual. You will reap whatever you sow. Whatever is shared has a way of expanding more and more. Find ways to share what is working for you with other farmers around you and you will see that what goes round come around!

5. Keep Doing What Works And Keep Adding To Your Knowledge On Constant Basis.
Success, they say, is a journey and not a destination. Don’t ever be tired of constant action and learning. Do what works and be impassionate in discarding what is not working and keep moving forward.


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