August18 , 2022

6 management secrets for saving more money in farming



6 management secrets for saving more money in farming

There are some management practices that seem so insignificant and costs little or nothing, but which can help a typical farmer to save cost and thus make more money. Someone once said thatproper management provides the basis for success in farming yet it costs so little. Management costs so little but an average farmer does not put his mind to it. I will enumerate below six unique management practices for saving more money in farming.

1. Be Fanatical about Daily Pen Cleanings.

Disease of any kind is costly. A serious farmer will not give any room for any surprises through disease outbreak. When the flock is healthy, money is indirectly being saved.
2. Scoop Feed 2 or 3 Times a Day.

If you don’t do this, your birds will
only pick certain ingredients and left some which will affect productivity and hence profits.
3. Serve Fresh Feed. Just like human beings, our flocks also like fresh food! When your birds fail to eat enough for whatever reason, it will affect the bottom line.
4. Don’t Allow Litter To Build Up.
Litter build up will lead to ammonia build up. Ammonia gas is detrimental to productivity as it will lead to more complex problems.
5. Feed 50 to 60% of the daily feed requirement in the Morning.

Birds tend to eat more in the morning and eat less as the day progresses especially during the hot season.
6. Enforce Daily Water Sanitation.

Water borne diseases abound and it can cripple any farming enterprise. The farmer should take water to the laboratory from time to time to ensure that the water being consumed by the flock is free of water borne

Believe me, a farmer can’t do all the above on a consistent basis and not save substantial costs which will translate into more profits in the long run.





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