June3 , 2023

4 reasons why you need a vet to succeed in farming



4 reasons why you need a vet to succeed in farming

A lot of farmers are losing so much by not association constantly with the Veterinarians in their farming operations. There are many reasons why a farmer cannot truly succeed in farming without the constant input of the veterinarians. Let us examine some of them.

1. Vets are trained in the art of disease diagnosis.
A qualified Vet spent full six years in the university to study medicine. There are so many diseases that are affecting the flock which the vets by virtue of their training are in position to quickly identify and handle before it is too late.

2. Vets are trained in the art of disease treatment.



You cant just be pumping your flock with drugs anyhow and expect to get the best out of them. Accurate dosage calculations, right medications and other usage instructions are familiar grounds for a trained Vet. The farmer who keeps doing this on his own will sooner or later regret it.
3. Vets are trained in the art of disease management.

Handling of disease crisis in the farm does not end only in treatment. Effective management is needed to forestall future occurrence. A farmer who is mindful of these intricacies and associates closely with the Vet will get maximum counsel to handle things effectively on his farm.
4. Vets are trained to partner with farmers and help them succeed.

Farmers are not supposed to carry all the burden of farming. Many professionals like the Vets are to carry some burden off the farmers. If a farmer can realize this on time and spare no expense in association constantly with a qualified Vet, he will find farming very exciting and profitable.

Having interviewed so many successful farmers in the last few years, I can authoritatively state that the farmers who are doing so well today are the ones who actively partner with relevant professionals.


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