June26 , 2022

22 Great Points to know for Poultry farming success -These facts may surprise you



22 Great Points to know for Poultry farming success -These facts may surprise you

1. Non-caged chickens start each day by feeding and inspecting the nest box


2. Chickens are creatures of habit and do different things throughout the day


3. Broilers are inactive most of their time.

4. Fast growing varieties of broilers in particular can spend as much as 70 percent of their time on the ground

5. Chickens keep their feathers in good condition by preening and dust bathing.

6. Thirty different chicken sounds have been identified. Being able to identify sounds enables you to pick up signals

7. If your poultry house is peaceful and healthy, you will hear a kind of melodious song coming from it.

8. If you hear the occasional loud screech in the poultry house, be on the look out for feather pecking

9. Unusual sounds like sniffing in the poultry house are often a sign of illness

10. With non-caged poultry systems, as a poultry farmer you have less leisure time because the work is less easy to delegate to others

11. In a non caged poultry systems, the farmer must be more aware of the behavior of your birds and how to respond to it

12. In a non caged poultry systems, the farmer must spend more time in the poultry house with the hens, so it is more hands-on

13. The optimum house temperature for laying hens is about 25 degree centigrade

14. In a chicken pen, if there is no cooling facility, ventilation can help prevent heat stress

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15. Chickens cool themselves down by evaporating moisture by panting

16. You should not feed broilers during the hottest part of the day

17. Poultry birds can “learn” to tolerate higher temperatures.

18. In poultry, stress hormones are important for keeping stress under control. Vitamin C is needed to produce these hormones

19. It is useful to add extra vitamin C to the drinking water in case of heat stress in poultry

20. When a broiler gets too hot, it will pant fast with its beak open.

21. The birds eat less in high temperatures and the onset of heat stress

22. The most important characteristics of litter are its ability to absorb moisture and the absence of dust


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