August18 , 2022

8 Money making secrets in farming business



8 Money making secrets in farming business 

Money making is an art. There are ways to make good money in any business, farming inclusive. I love to interact and listen to people a lot. I love to listen to and read about achievers in life. I love to meet successful farmers and other business people in the farming industry. Below are the secrets I was able to glean from them about money making in farming. Enjoy and apply them!

1. FOCUS: if you want to make good money in farming, you have to be extremely focused. When you scatter your attention here and there, you can’t touch real money in farming. Be focused. Face farming squarely if you are in it. Sleep and dream farming moment by moment. Focus your mind endlessly on how to make things better on daily basis. Believe me the money will come.

2. OFFER QULITY PRODUCTS: Always strive to produce quality farm products. Aim for the best and most of the time you will get it. Be quality minded. Always carry a picture of bigger eggs, healthy meat and bigger fish in your mind.

3. BE ORGANIZED: Yes, you have to be organized if you want to make money in farming. You must have a keen sense of organization. Things must be in order. Most of the real money bags I have met in farming are very organized people.

4. EFFECTIVE MARKETING: Some farmers always wait for their ship to come in while the real smart ones swim out to meet the ship. The initiative to actively find ways to sell your own products on constant basis will always pay off. It is somehow difficult to do this, but who says good results are easy to get? Customers may come looking for you, but you should always go out there to get more and more customers.

5. AVOID WASTE: Any form of waste will cripple any business. There are several point of wastage in farming operations. For example the negligence of farm workers is even more responsible for the wastage on farms than their pilfering activities. A serious farmer will do all he can to monitor any area of wastage and block it to all more inflow of profits.

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6. THINK POSITIVE: Our thoughts are creative in nature. Thoughts are tangible. Prolonged positive thought tends to create positive experiences. Creating money in farmingdemands a continual determination to think positive no matter what happens.

7. INTERACT: Let me share a thought of one of my financial mentor, Rabbi Daniel Lapkin, with you – “Wealth is produced by transactions. You need to drastically increase the number of transactions in which you get involved.” The truth is that the more you interact meaningfully the more you stand the good chance of making more money in farming. Don’t be a lake. Flow out.

8. SAVE MONEY: You can’t make money without saving money. Learn never to run out of cash. Billionaire Jimoh Ibrahim once said that the weapon of wealth is cash flow. You must always strive to have ample savings no matter the constraint. Only those who have reserves can seize golden opportunities.

These money making secrets are for you. They can’t fail if you will doggedly enforce them. Your best is yet to come.


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