January17 , 2022

How to use Kenocox



How to use Kenocox




Take out all removable equipment


• Take all the removable equipment (buckets etc…) out of the barn, clean and disinfect all the material according the protocol described below.


• Advantages: no recontamination when cleaning the room itself.


Dry cleaning

• Remove all manure, litter and feed residues

• Advantages: easier cleaning afterwards, reducing the time and increasing the efficiency of the wet cleaning (main cleaning)

Apply detergent

• Foam with 1,5 % KenoTMsan

• All surfaces: walls, floor, ceiling, feed and water systems…

• Contact time: 30 minutes

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Main cleaning

• Clean with high pressure: mechanical cleaning (50-150 bar and 12-30 liter/minute)

• All surfaces: walls, floor, ceiling, feed and water systems…

› Hot water if available (40°C): faster and easier cleaning


• Rinse the huts/pens/boxes with cold water (high pressure and high water flow) to remove the dirt particles and the chemicals


Remove excess of water and let dry

• Remove all the excess water from the huts/pens/boxes and let it dry

• It is important to start the disinfection in a dry stable to avoid dilution of the product


Anti-parasitic disinfection

• Spray or foam with KenoTMcox, % based on diagnostics*.

• Contact time: minimum 2 hours

• Let it dry

• Rinse buckets before using them again

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