June26 , 2022

8 Vital Keys For High Productivity In Any Farming Business



8 Vital Keys For  High Productivity In Any Farming Business 

Productivity and profitability are inseparably linked. A productive farmer will more likely enjoy better profits than the mediocre ones.


Let’s explore 8 vital keys for high productivity in farming.

1. The key of knowledge.
Knowledge in farming is preventive medicine. Knowledge is power. A farmer who is constantly developing his knowledge base will excel.
2. The key of common sense.
Many times shrewdness is necessary to navigating the business terrains. A farmer who is operating with cleverness in dealing with people can be very productive.
3. The key of Prudence.
Money is easy to spend but difficult to make.
The management of funds that comes to a farmer will determine his level of productivity in the long run.
4. The key of planning.
Failing to plan
in any business is planning to fail. Adequate planning is a must to succeed in farming.
5. The key of diligence.
No farmer can evoke diligence in any of his staff if he himself is not diligent in pursuing a profitable farming.
6. The key of vigilance.
A farmer once told me that pilfering is one of the most devastating avenues for losses in farming.
7. The key of human management.
The problems of farmers caused by the staff are in many cases bigger than the problems arising from the flock.

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