June26 , 2022

Basic ways to Maximising Profit In Poultry Farming



Basic ways to Maximising Profit In Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is a very lucrative business if well-managed and as well risky if run under unacceptable and unfavourable conditions to the birds.


The essence of any business is to make profit and where it fails to operate profitably, the business would be closed.


To ensure maximum profit from the business especially now that the Federal Government has closed the borders to imported poultry products, the prospective farmer should pay attention to the following:


Learn The Ropes

Many poultry farms have closed not long they started because they rushed into the business without first learning the ropes. It is advisable for the beginner to go for training in poultry management.

The cost of dabbling into the business as many do because of the perceived notion that it is lucrative is very high, leading many to fold unexpectedly. A beginner should learn about what made others to fold in order to avoid such mistakes.

Housing And Feeding

There are two basic methods of housing, the deep litter system and battery cage system. For the deep litter system, the pullets are kept on bare floor on which saw dust had been spread. Care should be given to the feeding and drinking of the birds.

The saw dust could be removed with the droppings or the droppings are covered with fresh saw dust. The day old is usually housed using broader method before they grow up.

On the other hand, the battery cage system allows the droppings to fall in another platform under the cage. It is specially constructed to cater for their feeding and drinking trough.

The housing should ensure that environmental problems are under control. There should be standard spacing for the different bird’s categories. Good ventilation should be provided for to avoid suffocation.

To ensure adequate egg production, the birds should be given properly compounded marsh. Unless birds are fed well they won’t be able to produce maximally meat and eggs. The birds should be fed with varying quantities of feed at different stages. They should be fed with appropriate feed such as chick marsh, growers’ marsh and layers marsh and must be sufficiently rich in nutrients to be healthy and produce optimally.


There are different types of equipment from simple to sophisticated ones such as feeders, nest boxes, crates, brooders, graders and debreakers. Ensure that whatever feeding used should be clean and easy to feed and avoid waste. The birds must not roost on the feed.


The success or failure of poultry business depends on the way hygiene is maintained. The source of the stock must be checked to ensure the necessary drugs are not poorly administered.

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A poultry farmer should know how to prevent, detect, control and treat diseases.

He should know that prevention is better than cure. A beginner must seek expert advice. If the vaccination timetable is not followed when the birds are hatched, it could pose serious danger to the farmer who buys them. To get the best result engage the services of a qualified veterinary doctor.


The poultry farm must be well-secured to ward off predators such as rats, snakes, soldier ants, and wild birds such as kites and hawks. To avoid diseases that could lead to epidemics visitors must be restricted from going into the farm. Also, there should be routine checks on farm workers to forestall stealing of chickens and eggs.

Keep Costs Low

Keep costs within the budget to make profit. Input costs such as labour and feed should not be more than immediate farm requires.

All unnecessary expenses should be ignored. Ensure proper book-keeping to ascertain when you are making profit or loss.


The farmer must first of all finding out where to sell, how to sell, and to whom to sell the birds, feathers and the droppings.

There must be market for your products, if not, do not produce. You should carry out a survey on where you would be supplying the eggs on regular basis. They include supermarkets, shopping malls, food stores, shops and fast food joints. You should also look out for those in egg distribution business and strike a deal.

It is important that you employ certain strategies to win customers fast.

The strategies may include visiting those places to interface with the managers and offering them prices a little bit lower than they were used to buying, supplying good quality eggs, and prompt delivery for orders.

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