June26 , 2022

5 reasons Why you are not making money in your farming business now



5 reasons Why you are not making money in your farming business now

1. You are not organizing your mindset appropriately


Money making is largely about mindset. If your mindset is geared towards negativity and lack, it will be very difficult to make money in any business including farming. You need to cultivate positivity and a mindset of abundance. This must be a moment by moment practice. Do this, and money will start appearing in your farming business.


2. You are not working with smart workers.

It takes smartness to make money in any business including farming. You may be smart, but if your workers are not smart, it will be difficult to turn your farming business around profitably. What you need to do is to keep looking for smart but honest workers. They are available if you are willing to pay. You can call me on 08035219966 if you need smart and honest workers. (Farm supervisors and managers)

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3. You are wasteful.

That’s right. We all fall into this trap as business people including my humble self. The key is to be very frugal if you are going to really do well in any business including farming. Every farming business has the tendency to be wasteful one way or the other. Get busy and locate the areas where wastage is prevalent and block them fast!

4. You are highly deficient in record keeping.

This is another big one for most farming business. Times are tough now! I will advise that you work tenaciously on your record keeping process for better productivity and profitability.

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5. Your marketing is shallow.

Hmm, marketing again you will say! But then, marketing is highly crucial for any business to generate adequate revenue for more profits. If your marketing is not increasing your money making, then you are not doing marketing. This is how I see things personally. Your marketing must help you make more money or it’s not marketing that you are doing!

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