August18 , 2022

14 Great Marketing Mistakes Most Farmers Make



14 Great Marketing Mistakes Most Farmers Make

1. Putting marketing completely out of mind when going into farming. I keep telling farmers that they should start business with market not product!


2. Doing very little marketing activities when things are going well for them. This is very common with small farmers. They often get into troubles when customers stop coming on their own to them.


3. Eliminating marketing activities altogether when business is slow. Marketing only work when it is done on a consistent basis, unfortunately most farmers don’t want to hear this.

4. Focusing more on production than marketing. Many farmers are production junkies. They go from one seminar to the other learning about production with virtually no marketing knowledge. This is a great error.

5. Very bad in keeping customers data. Many farmers don’t even have a recollection of as little as ten customers that bought from them in the past year.


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6. No strategy for capturing customers telephone and Email address etc. I advocate that the farmer himself should be the data manager of his farm. I am the data manager of my companies. And I will ever be as long as I am in business.

7. Having no presence in social media. This is the age of the social media. If you are not where people are, where are you?

8. Having little presence in social media. Go deep into social media to get the attention of people and sell to them. Most of this is actually free!

9. Very little networking activities with other farmers. Until Farmers get together to deeply drive more appreciation for their products, soft drinks will continue to take precedence over eggs!

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10. Not focusing on any particular area. There is old saying that if everyone is your target market, no one is your customer. A wise farmer will segment his business. Are you focused on supplying broilers to bank people or church members or friends or community? You get what I mean?

11. Very bad customer service. Haha! This is very common in Nigeria. We need to really learn the art of first class customer service.

12. Very low customer service. The fact is that you can’t overdo customers appreciation and the likes.

13. Not partnering with others to generate more demand for their farm products.

14. Too quick in giving up when marketing is slow to yield expected results. This is all too common. This is why marketing is for the matured and not babes!


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