August10 , 2022





There are no finish lines for success. It is natural to wanting to succeed more and more in the businesses that we do. I have formulated below some of the ways to simplify farming for more and more success.


1. DETERMINE WHAT REALLY MATTERS. You need to sit down and think through what really matter to you in life and business and then design your activities to match that. When you operate on a well-designed picture, your future will become brighter in farming.


2. SET YOUR OWN PACE. Learn never to compare yourself to others. Run your own race. Oh yes, we can be challenged by the lives and businesses of others, but it is not wise to compare yourself with them. It is always better to compare yourself with yourself. Where was I last year? Where am I this year? Where do I want to be next year? This should be your preoccupation.

3. TELL THE TRUTH. A lot of business people including farmers have mortgaged their destinies by not being truthful in their dealings with others. Learn to tell the truth to your employees and customers. Truth is like fertilizers to business growth.

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4. IF YOU DON’T NEED IT, DON’T BUY IT. Don’t allow peer pressures to lead you astray. At your present level, you may not be ripe for certain investments or expenditures. Cut your coat according to your cloth.

5. HAVE A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND PUT EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE. In short, be organized. Order is a magnet for growth. Order attracts money. From my observations, I am yet to see a scattered farmer flourishing.

6. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS, FEELINGS AND OPINION WITH A FRIEND EVERY DAY. In short, network! No one can run the race of success alone. Devise a way to mingle from time to time with other progressively minded farmers for mutual benefits.

7. IF YOU DON’T HAVE TIME, DON’T DO IT. Must you expand now? Analyze things well before you dabble into them. If you won’t have time to maximize the new level of expansion, it is better to stay where you are until you are truly ready.

8. THANK GOD FOR WHAT YOU HAVE. We should be contented but never be satisfied. Even as we keep yearning for more success, we should take time to appreciate God for where we are and what we have.

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