June26 , 2022

 7 Lessons I Learnt The Hard Way In Doing Farming Business



7 Lessons I Learnt The Hard Way In Doing Farming Business

Farming is business. Many farmers don’t know this and that is why they are not making it. Every aspect of Farming is a farming business. Whether you are involved in production, distribution, marketing, information and inputs supply, you are actively in the farming business.


In my own types of Farming businesses, I Learnt some vital lessons the hard way . Below are seven of them.

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1. Not everyone who shows interest in your farming business is honest about their intentions. They only want to derail you.

2. Doing business with morally bankrupt people will ruin your farming business and hurt your soul.

3. Making money in any business including farming takes faith and patience. And though the fruit of patience is sweet but the root of patience is always bitter.

4. Absolutely nothing can take the place of securing the right wisdom, knowledge and understanding in excelling in any farming business. _Ignorance will kill any business fast!_

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5. Knowledge is merely an accumulation of facts while understanding is merely an arrangement of fact but wisdom is the solid application of facts. So lack of wisdom will cripple any farming business.

6. Chronic debtors will kill any farming business. And chronic debtors are usually dangerous in that they get to you before you know them. Detecting them quickly will save you from painful tears in farming business.

7. It is better to do little business on cash and carry basis than to do big business on credit and thus ending up with hypertension and terminal disease with sadness and sorrows. I know many farmers who have gone to early graves by not learning this lesson on time! (My opinion please!)


Because I have been in this farming industry for more than 30 years, I have leant many other bitter lessons the hard way but let me stop here for now. I usually share many interesting ones in all my seminars. Hard and bitter lessons abound in life, but we can use them to enlarge our capacities for more and more successes.

But I think it is better to learn our lessons the soft way… WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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