January17 , 2022

10 ➕1 Things To Do And Make A Huge Positive Difference In Your Farming Business In The Next 12 Months



10 ➕1 Things To Do And Make A Huge Positive Difference In Your Farming Business In The Next 12 Months


1 Get more knowledge about farming. Read books. Attend seminars and farmers meetings. Resolve to apply what you know will be good for your farm.


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2 Get good source of feed for your farm flock. Change feed if you have to. Do not be sentimental about this. It’s your life!

3 Get a qualified vet. Do not associate with quacks. Get closer to your vet and let him help bear part of your burdens. This decision will save you tears and cost in the long run.

4 Treat diseases cases promptly. Don’t wait until things get out of hand before running helter-skelter. A stitch in time saves nine.

5 Shun every temptation to use fake or substandard products. You injure yourself unnecessarily when you subject your farm flock to fake and substandard products.

6 Keep the farm flock that you can conveniently handle. Don’t bite more than you can do chew. It is sad to see farmers who get trapped in greed and losses.

7 Associate with other farmers who are getting results. He that walks with the wise shall be wise. Link up with winners and cleverly avoid those who are not getting results.

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8 Save money! Don’t eat all your profits. Get a system of saving money from farm proceeds on regular basis. Future investment in farming will be easier as you do this.

9 Keep records. Accurate record keeping of every level of your farming activity is very important. Drive away thieves from you. Do away with unprofitable attendants and other staffs.

Have faith! Without faith it is impossible to make it big in farming. Believe that you can make it in farming. Persist and you will win.