August10 , 2022

The 10 Best Decisions A Farmer Can Make For Increased Fortunes



The 10 Best Decisions A Farmer Can Make For Increased Fortunes



1. Decide to be Decisive: Decision is our power secret. The time you spend being undecided is huge waste of energy. Be decisive that you want and strongly desire to succeed in your farming business against all odds. And you will.


2. Decide to work with capable or real Experts. I once interviewed Alhaji Olufawo Olushoga of Solcorp. (Look out for the Ebook version of the interview) He told me that one of greatest secrets of his success in farming is that he started with experts and continued with experts.

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3. Decide to set Goals. I always tell farmers at our seminars in WORLD FARMERS CENTRE that they should always start with the end in mind. They should set production and profitability goals all the time. This is the way of the achievers in life.

4. Decide to keep good and accurate Records. I had an interaction with a major player in the farming industry recently where he told me that what increased his fortunes in business is largely due to his meticulous habit of keeping accurate records of everything.

5. Decide to be Better. Tell yourself that you are going to be a better farmer each and every day. Be resolute. Always stretch yourself to deliver the best of yourself. Go for excellence. Be organized. Then you will become a real magnet for financial success in farming.

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6. Decide to make Profits no matter what. The secret that most farmers don’t know is that they should always do *price driven costing and not cost driven pricing.* This is the secret of profitable business including farming.

7. Decide to be Busy marketing your products to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Don’t forget that you are in the people business. Almost everyone is a prospective customer for a farmer. Take this advantage all the time and create your millions in farming. You can do it!

8. Decide to network with Wiser Farmers. I always tell farmers in our seminars at the WORLD FARMERS CENTRE to always go with the attitude of a giver when dealing with a better farmer. This way, the wiser farmer will open up and reveal their secrets.

9. Decide to keep reinvesting your PROFITS. I was one of the reporters that interviewed DR OLATUNDE AGBATO OF ANIMAL CARE SERVICES KONSULT LTD when the company became 30 years old. He was emphatic that the major secret of their success in farming is in the constant reinvesting of their profits.

10. Decide to be a person of Integrity. I am sorry to note that lack of integrity is the major reason for the downfall of many business owners in Nigeria. You can remove yourself from this SHAME List by going for integrity in all your dealings with customers, clients, employees, vendors and the community in general. When you do this, and keep all the decisions above, believe me the sky will be your starting point in the farming business.

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