January17 , 2022

 3 Fundamental Ways To Scale Up Your Farming Business In These Difficult Times.




3 Fundamental Ways To Scale Up Your Farming Business In These Difficult Times.


Times are hard. It’s getting more and more difficult to survive and thrive as a business owner in Nigeria. Several years ago, Dr. Olatunde Agbato of Animal Care services Consult Ltd stated that to be a successful business person in Nigeria, you have to be a stone. Well, things have not changed! So, if things refused to change, business owners must change positively in order to win the day. Below are some of my suggestions to help you change things positively in your farming businesses.


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1. Set Your Priorities. Oh yes. This is not the time to dabble into so many things. You must sit down and set your priorities in the farming business. Do you want more profits? Do you want to use less resources to get better results? Do you want to scale down your business to manageable levels? What do you want? Do you want to collaborate with other farmers or others for more business? Sit down and get clarity on this.

2. Stay The Course. I always tell farmers in our monthly seminars that the most prevailing secret of successful farmers is the never say die attitude they possess. Those who give up easily cannot succeed in life and business. Learn to stay the course and see your plans succeed no matter what. Be reminded that winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win.

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3. Reach The Desired Outcome. Once you set your priorities, do everything possible to reach your desired outcomes no matter what. The famed billionaire, Bill Gates once stated that there are challenges between here and there. This is a true statement. Definitely there will be obstacles on the way to your desired outcomes but you can surmount them all with confidence and determination.

Biggest Takeaways

Difficult times call for smartest moves by setting your priorities and following them up relentlessly to reach desired goals no matter what. This is not the time for aimless business moves. Every Farmer should remember that you can’t change a single thing about the past, but you can change absolutely everything about the future. Nigeria is fully loaded with potential for the farming industry, but only the focused farming entrepreneurs will taste the honey in the rock!