January17 , 2022

The Power of 15 And Your Farming Business Success



The Power of 15 And Your Farming Business Success

Time can be very powerful. Time separates the rich and the poor. Time separates the rich farmer and the poor farmer. The use of time will determine how your life and business will turn out.

We are all separated by the use of our time. Time conversion is one of the greatest secret of wealth. What can you do in 15 minutes everyday to enrich your farming business?


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Look at your farming business now. Can you block out a new 15 minutes to do something positive on your farming business everyday? You can use that extra 15 minutes to plan – to work more on your biosecurity or to build new network or to personally speak to your staff or to call some vital customers. And so on.

Can you get what I am trying to tell you? Today, try to block out extra 15 minutes and do constructive things on your farming business. I bet you, it you can do this for the next six months consistently, more money will flow into your farming business. 🏵Guaranteed.

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If you look for this extra 15 minutes, you will find it. I challenge you to re-budget just 15 minutes a day, seven days a week, to an activity of higher value. Three months from now, those extra 15 minutes will accumulate to 22.5 bonus hours. And 3 years from now, those 15 minutes will add up to more than 11 extra 24 hours days or 30 extra 9 hour days. This is one of the effective ways to be a highly productive farming business professional.