August10 , 2022

Timeless Quick Facts on Poultry Housing



Timeless Quick Facts on Poultry Housing

The laying birds are generally housed in two or three tier California type cages. The elevat-ed housing system is getting momentum in the country.


The cages house capacity of 25,000 to 50,000 are being tried now. The cages of 20inch front and 15inch depth are provided for housing 4 birds. Cages of larger size to accommodate 5 birds are also being manu-factured. The feeding is done by moving feed hopper and the water is provided by nipple drinkers. Foggers are provided above the cage to be used in hot season.


Automatic egg col-lection systems are also being tried. Automatic feeding saves feed wastage and reduces the labour cost. Cages and their installation are being improved to provide better ventilation and to avoid soiled eggs.

The layer houses which are in multi age local-ity should be thoroughly cleaned disinfected and rested for at least 2 weeks before housing. Plan to fill the house at a time with one age group. Replacing part of an old flock in the same house is not advisable and should be avoided.

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• Egg production in laying period will better than the deep litter reared flocks.

• Egg pecking can be prevented.

• Cleaner eggs.

• In cage system the space requirement reduced up to 50%.

• Feed consumption is reduced up to 10 gm per bird compared to deep litter houses.

• Feed efficiency of the layer is better than deep litter houses.

• Labour cost is reduced to one-third.

• Medication cost is reduced very drastically. (Ex; deworming)

• Huddling mortalities can be avoided

• No litter material is required.

• In elevated houses, the manure need not to be removed on daily basis, hence the labour cost is saved.

• Better record maintenance.

• Easy separation of sick and culled birds.

• In cages feeder and water channels remain cleaner.

• Salmonella problems can be mini-mized.

• Less problem with parasites and predators.

• General shed hygiene is better.

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