August10 , 2022

How To Ethically Exploit Your Customers in Farming Business



How To Ethically Exploit Your Customers in Farming Business



97 percent of Businesses Don’t Understand How To Ethically Exploit Their Customers


I will keep saying it and writing it that our customers are gold. I mean real gold! Unfortunately many farming business people don’t know how to ethically exploit them for mutual benefits.

Many times we think what we need is more and more customers. I say capital NO to this mentality. What we need is to maximize the huge potential of our current customers for mutual good.

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We can structure our Farming business in such a way that we have our customers for life no matter what. This has always been my strategy. And any business willing to learn can do this.

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Are you ethically exploiting your customers for mutual benefits right now? This is your way out of business frustrations that is plaguing the business world including the farming industry.

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