June26 , 2022

How to Move to the Next Level in Your Farming Business



How to Move to the Next Level in Your Farming Business

Dear Farmer, Which Level Are You Now?


It all began with *production orientation* . In those days, people are looking for what you produce and you cannot even meet demand. As soon as you produce, you sell everything… at huge profits.


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Then supply began to exceed demand as many rush into production. Then the *selling orientation* arrived. You have to go out and look for buyers for your products otherwise you will pack up. But then, there is a limit to your sales drive as people have choices…

Then enters *customer/marketing orientation*. You must be able to get and keep customers if you want to succeed in the business world of today including farming.

Dear Farmer, where are you on this train? Are you still living in the age of production orientation? Or you are you trapped with the sell.. Sell.. Sell.. struggles?

Please join the Winning train… the customer /marketing orientation. This is where success is. This is where growth is. This is where profit is. This is where your future in farming is. This is how to move to the next level…

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