June26 , 2022

Not making profit in poultry farming business? Check this article now!



Not making profit in poultry farming business? Check this article now!

How to make Profit in Poultry Farming Business


Poultry farming is a business venture in Nigeria that can help you to make decent amount of money when done properly but only a few are into this business. I will be explaining in details here how to convert your efforts into more sales and more money.Before I proceed, I assumed that you have started making money in poultry and that you intend to grow your business, nevertheless, if you are just about starting out, this will serve as a guide to you to increase your income even as a starter.


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Profit making starts from the good breeds of chicks you buy. Healthy birds means more profitProfit making starts from the good breeds of chicks you buy. Healthy birds means more profit
The steps to making more profit in poultry farming can be divided into different phases, I will divide them into:

Getting the day old chicks
Brooding the chicks
Making of your own poultry feeds
Growing the birds to maturity
Marketing the birds
Though I will be concentrating on broilers, most of the steps are applicable to layers and other types of poultry business such turkey.

Getting the day old chicks

The first secret to making profit starts the day you buy your day old chicks. If you normally buy when the birds have been brooded for few weeks, you are already cutting the income you can get if you were to brood them yourself. You make more profit when you brood them yourself than when you buy the brooded chicks. Brooding is a simple process that can be done easily but if you really have no time for brooding, why did you in the first place choose to start poultry farming? My advice to those who want to go into poultry farming is that if you are not ready to grow them from day one to maturitythen do not go into the business.

When I first started rearing broilers, no one told me all these, I got to know it myself. After I brooded my first set of chickens, I compared them with the ones I bought when I first started out that were already brooded, but the difference was much that I made up my mind to always do it myself. Do you think those that brood and sell are not making profit? For every step of having to buy something in poultry business that you avoid, the more money you get to save and the more money you will make.

Secondly, you must take care to get the good breed of chicks which means the fast growing and healthy birds. Most times, poultry farmers do overlook this aspect because they think the birds are the same. When you have the wrong birds, you will run at a loss and not make even a small amount of profit. It is a painful thing to put in efforts for months only to end up with failure. The case is worst with layers because they are reared for a longer time than the broilers, hence they are at risk for infections and other health hazards. Some very bad breeds are resistant to drugs and no matter the drug you give to them, they will still die and it is a painful thing to see a bird die not to talk of having to bury them every day. Sometimes you keep cooking them for your dog everyday that a dog will even hate to eat the birds again. In order to avoid this, get a good breed. Do not worry, I will show you how to identify the good and healthy birds. So always take care when buying the birds.

How to knowa healthy day old chick

A healthy chick can be seen physically, below are the signs of a healthy chick.

A healthy chick can jump around no matter the cold, they love to eat and so the move about a lot. They seem to be restless. If you find any chick that prefers lying when others are eating, the chick is likely unhealthy. The unhealthy ones are seen closing their eyes even when they are standing. You know how a sick human being looks, chickens too manifest like that, they lose appetite, they become weak. So observe the chicks very well to ensure they are healthy. Do not buy any chick that drools saliva or does not walk well. Any bird with a deformity is not good. Deformity affects their growth, a bird that cannot walk well will not eat well because others will push it and it will not grow well.
Do not buy a chick that has swellings on the head ( around the eyes, on the beak or a swollen leg).
A healthy chick will be able to stand on the feet when you lie it on its back. Unhealthy birds cannot do this and they are seen struggling to stand up.
A healthy chick eats a lot, you do not have to force it to eat. They jump around and try to look for food.
A healthy chick cries out loud. Its voice is high pitch and it makes noise even while eating. Unhealthy ones cry with a low voice and sometimes they only cry when you touch them.
If your chicks do not show any good signs, return them. Do not buy them because if you do, you have started your business of loss already.


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