December9 , 2022

Two Words That Can Make Or Break Your Farming Business



Two Words That Can Make Or Break Your Farming Business

Agreed. You need to know what it means to be productively efficient production wise in order to thrive in the farming business. But you need far more than production mastery to really make good money in farming.


In short you need marketing mastery. Did you know that even production mastery is part and parcel of marketing mastery? Ignore marketing at your own peril as a business person.


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No organization, no movement, no individual can amount to anything worthwhile in life without marketing. Even the great religious leaders of our time are marketing experts at work!*

This is why I want to reveal more to you about the two words that can make or break your farming business. You know these words. But many of us don’t appreciate the power behind them.

What are these two powerful marketing words?

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They are simply these:THANK YOU.

Yes, the words, THANK YOU can make your farming business if you learn to use them well all the time both for your internal customers (staff or workers) and external customers (farm products buyers)

When you genuinely appreciate people, they will want to do more and more for you.

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A farmer who can produce well but lack this basic appreciative attitude will obviously be less successful than the one that combines both production efficiency and appreciative attitude. In my over three decades of Farming business experience, I have seen companies go down because of the basic attitudinal problems that are anti marketing. No wonder the Guru of Gurus says ATTITUDE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN INTELLIGENCE.

Attitude is more important than than intelligence. Character is attitude and this is more important than competence.

_Ingratitude will break any business._

What is my marketing message today to us all? Simple. Use the words THANK YOU more and more in your farming business. Appreciate deeply your internal customers or workers. Unhappy workers will always sabotage your efforts. How many things can you do alone?

Appreciate deeply your external customers or buyers. Find numerous ways to do this consistently and you will discover the magic in it. It is more important than accumulating theories on production that you hardly use. Leave the technical details and all those theories to the professionals. Leave them to the veterinarians and animal scientists and the likes.

Use the professionals to do for you what they were trained to do and pay them. This is what they do in the developed world. Concentrate on marketing and you stand to expand the market and make more money with better margins. Farmers need this urgently today!

This is the most enlightened way of doing business in this age. It is the age of marketing. It has always been. And it will ever be!



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