December9 , 2022

How To Be A Highly Productive and Profitable Farmer




How To Be A Highly Productive and Profitable Farmer

Farming without productivity and profitability is like slavery. You can avoid this scenario in your farming business. See how below :


1. Learn to set goals. Constantly set productivity and profitability goals. When you aim at nothing, you will get nothing all the ttime


2. Learn to keep Records . Record keeping as simple as it is can mean a lot for your farming business. Keep the record for everything. What we measure tend to grow. Track your expenses. Track everything. This is a powerful farming business strategy.

3. Learn to constantly reduce Wastage. Wage constant war against wastage and you will see your costs going down with improved margins. Human tendency is usually bent towards wastage. Do not allow this on your farm for your own good.

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4. Learn to constantly build your capacity and that of your workers. Knowledge is power. Knowledge has organizing power. The more you know, the less mistakes you make. Keep building your capacity. Train and retrain your staff.

If you can follow the suggestions above rigidly, you will make it real big in farming. Life and business is a function of cause and effect. The suggestions above are causes that will ultimately bring great beneficial effects over time.

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