December9 , 2022

5 Prosperity Secrets In Farming Business (Secrets of The Ages)



5 Prosperity Secrets In Farming Business (Secrets of The Ages)



You can farm and grow rich. Many people don’t like this statement. But then it is the truth. Some are making money in farming and don’t want others to know this. It is good to know that one can prosper through farming just as in any business.


Let me quickly share with you 5 ways you can prosper in farming business through some prosperity secrets of the ages.

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1. The Prosperity Secret Of Faith. When you are strongly determined to prosper in any business including farming, you will find a way.

2. The Prosperity Secret Of Savings. Yes. I always believe that if you save money today, money will save you tomorrow. A farmer that saves consistently and keep reinvesting will grow rich.

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3. The Prosperity Secret Of Marketing. Like I always say, no matter the kind of business we are doing, the real business we are doing is marketing. Successful businesses are known for aggressive marketing. Marketing is really the secret of the game in any business including farming.

4. The Prosperity Secret Of Tithing Your Farming Profits. Hey wait!!! You might scream. But really, I know this habit of tithing works. Stories abound about so many business people that tried this prosperity secret and prospered beyond their imagination. Try it.


5. The Prosperity Secret Of Giving Back. The real way to get in life is to consistently give. Find ways to be a blessing in the community where you farm and you will be surprised how this act will work to prosper you in your farming business.

Well, you may note that I did not dwell on the technical side. No doubt, the technical side is very important. The problem is that most farmers get frustrated out of the farming business because they focus so much on the technical and neglect the other 5 critical factors enumerated above to their detriment.

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Make a choice today to pursue the 5 factors above as you keep perfecting your technical edge.

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