July1 , 2022

5 main challenges of goat farming



5 main challenges of goat farming


1. Following Traditional Goat Farming System


Most of the new and existing farmers and following traditional system for raising goats and this is among the main drawback or disadvantages of goat farming business.

Some of the farmers are totally not aware of the new and improved system of goat farming. And some of the goat farmers used to keep their goats in extensive management system and not aware about the modern farming methods.

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2. Lack of Practical Knowledge

Some of the new goat farmers are not willing to learn practically about this business. Rather they just purchase animals and start raising them.

They have no practical knowledge about running the business effectively. There are many govt. and non govt. organizations which are providing training for raising goats practically.

Depending on your location, you will be able to have training about goat farming from your nearest agriculture extension office, universities and research centers.


3. Right Breed Selection

Most of the new and existing goat farmers are not aware about the available breeds for the purpose they are rearing goats for.

4. Starting Without Prior Experience.

Starting the business without having prior experience is also among the notable disadvantages of goat farming business. Some beginner start raising some goats immediately after making the decision of goat farming.

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This is definitely not good. The beginners without prior practical knowledge, will face high cost, high mortality rates and less profit (or even face loss).le type of goat breeds and their production purposes.Especially, the beginner goat farmers fail to choose the right breed for their business. As a result, they don’t get desired production and ultimately they leave this business.

5. Marketing Difficulties

Goat products have high demand in the local and international market. Although, some people face problems while selling their products.If you produce well but can’t sell at right price, then you will face loss in this business.


So, marketing difficulties is also among the main disadvantages of goat farming business.

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