May20 , 2022

How  Goat Farmers Make Money



How  Goat Farmers Make Money

There are reasons that the goat farming business is increasingly popular. As hoofed farm critters go, goats are easier to house and feed than other livestock, such as cattle and pigs.Goats are primarily raised for their milk, meat or fiber. Each goat breed was created distinctly for one of those purposes, although there are some crossover breeds (milk and meat goats).


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Any goat breed can be used for a relatively new goat farming purpose – using goats to clear brush. No, they won’t eat tin cans, but they will effectively kill underbrush by eating it.

1. Breed and sell goats.

2. Sell milk: Goats must be milked 2x a day and will produce about a gallon.

3. Raise and sell goats for meat.

4. Rent goats to eat brush, clearing land.

5. Raise goats for their fleece, which is sheared (2x a year), washed and eventually spun into high quality yarn.

6. Sell dairy products such as soap made with milk.

7. Sell fiber goat products such as fleece or yarn.

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