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Lucrative vegetable farming businesses



Lucrative vegetable farming businesses

 1. Fluted pumpkin – Known as ugu in Igbo and ikon-ubong in ibibio, fluted pumpkin is mostly grown in the South East of Nigeria where it is cultivated for food and medicine. In fact, recently the government of Anambra State started exporting ugu to earn foreign exchange. But most importantly, it is loved and consumed all over Nigeria and in West Africa for its rich nutrition.




As a plant, it can be grown in any part of the country because it grows even on the poorest of soil and is tolerant to drought. The seed looks much like a cocoa pod but is much more bigger in size, sometimes weighing up to 13 kg and each pod can contain about 100 seeds which is also edible, can be boiled or roasted.

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2. Jute Leaf – What ugu leaf is to the South East people of Nigeria is what Jute leaf is to the people of the South West Even though it is more consumed in Yoruba land, jute leaf is eaten in most part of Nigeria. It is called ewedu in Yoruba and rama in Hausa. It is a leafy greenish edible vegetable that is used to prepare slimy soup. This leaf is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that help to fight diseases in the body. It will requires average water supply but rich organic soil to grow. Jute leaf can be grown in most part of the country.

3. Watermelon – Most people love watermelon and like the fluted pumpkin, it can grow anywhere in Nigeria and has short gestation period. In fact within a period of 90 days one can plant and harvest watermelon for sale, thus if properly done a farmer can go up to four cycles in a year. It is high in demand especially during hot season because it contains a lot of water. To be successful with your watermelon farm business farmer has to ensure adequate supply of water to the farm, weed regularly and take care of pests.

4. Cabbage – Cabbage looks like lettuce but it belongs to the Brassica genus of vegetables, which includes broccoli, cauliflower and kale. It is f variety of shapes and colours including red, white, green and purple. It is a popular vegetable in Nigeria. In Nigeria, it is majorly used to make salad and coleslaw. It can be eaten raw and also applied in other types of dishes

Apart from its food value, cabbage is consumed for its nutritional value because it is packed with essential vitamins and minerals. It is said to help in digestion, reduces inflammation, keeps the heart healthy and help lower cholesterol level

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Cabbage can be more expensive than other vegetables and this may be due to the tedious processes it takes to grow the plant. It does not like sun, survives more in cold environment but must get at least six hours of sun light everyday. Cabbage grows robustly on fertile, properly drained and manured soil.

5. Cucumber – A very high in demand vegetable because it is used both in food and in cosmetic and skin care making. cucumber is used for treating skin problems and for maintaining healthy smooth skin. Thus, the market is wide as you will be selling to the consumer market as well to industry. Your limitation really is in your ability to develop your market. It is easy to cultivate, though it requires substantial amount of sun light and love well-drained, organic rich soil. Cucumber is widely consumed. It can be eaten raw or added in a variety of dishes. An investment in cucumber farming will pay back within a short period of time.

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