December9 , 2022

How to build a mushroom growing house



How to build a mushroom growing house

To start Mushroom farming in Nigeria, there are few things to put in consideration. This include:


Choosing a variety and medium


Choose a variety to cultivate, this can be based on your environment or target market. The medium to grow your mushroom can be sawdust, coco peat, log of wood etc.

Prepare the substrate

• This is the material which provides nourishment for a plant to grow. For the purpose of this blogpost, sawdust will be chosen as our substrate. Firstly, partially decompose the sawdust to make it less acidic, this is done for a few days and watered. Heat the substrate for a few minutes to sterilise it to kill all micro-organisms that could be competing with the mushroom for nutrient, allow to cool and bag them in polythene bags.

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Next thing to do is to inoculate the substrate that has been sterilised with mushroom seeds also known as mycelium. This process can also be called “spawning”.

After the inoculation, the spawned bags are taken into the incubation room, which is usually dark, after 4-5weeks they are transferred into the growth room where the mushroom have access to light which helps to stimulate their growth. Ensure the polythene bags are stacked together to allow them sprayed with water to keep them moist.

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Any selected medium must be free from micro-organism.


Mushroom takes about 4-5weeks after incubation, after which it can be harvested every 24-36 hours. Once the mushroom is detached from the substrate or growing medium is ready to eat or it can be dried packaged for sale.

Mushroom market in Nigeria

Mushroom are sold in kilogram or grams with varying prices depending on location, but on the average a kilogram of mushroom is between #2000- #3000 in Nigeria.

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