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Things to do to boost your profit in poultry farming business Part 2



Things to do to boost your profit in poultry farming business Part 2

1. Buy Chicks of Good Breeds


You should buy some chicks to start your poultry farm business. Have a good stock of chicks. Make sure that you buy quality chicks from dependable breeders. This is important because if the chicks are diseased or suffer from malnutrition.


But your farm should have the brooder ready before buying and stocking the chicks. Do not stock too many chicks and keep their number below 500 for their better management.

2. Know How To Feed The Chicks

Another key consideration in setting up your poultry farm business is knowing how to feed the chicks properly. Know that most of your production expenditure will be on buying your poultry feed.

Nearly 70% of your product cost will comprise of your cost of poultry feed. You can even produce your poultry feed using the ingredients that you buy from the market.

It would be good if you learn how to prepare feeds. But till you learn the technique, buy bird feeds from the market for your poultry farm business.

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Make sure that you are well versed in preparing the poultry feed in the right way. It should be a balanced mix of great nutritional value.

Any lack of proper feed will result in the chicken producing fewer eggs. Such chickens also are prone to various diseases due to nutrient deficiency.

For instance, chickens have diseases like dermatitis, paralysis, chicken rackets, and liver syndrome. These diseases occur due to vitamin deficiency in the feed.

Chicken of one to seven weeks should have a feed with 2900 kgs of calories while adults 2800 kgs of calories.

The moisture content of the ingredients like maize and Azolla should never be above 10-11% as it may lead to fungus building. So, buy feed for your poultry farm business only from a trusted company.

3. Set A Poultry Health Management Plan.

One of the reasons for a possible loss of the poultry business is the lack of a health management plan. It could result in a high mortality rate of poultry birds.

You should be aware of those common poultry diseases that can cause a severe loss of poultry farm business. Therefore, put an effective poultry health management plan for your poultry farm.

The plan must include necessities such as clean drinking water, maintaining proper hygiene. Also, your light management plan for the poultry farm must be perfect. Chickens need proper lighting of the place where you have put them.

They need 16 hours of light. Yellow, red, and orange light is considered the best for the broiler breeds for 24 hours.

Consult a lighting expert to make the right arrangements before buying chickens to start your poultry farm business.

4. Treat Sick Birds Urgently

You must inspect your poultry birds regularly so that you can ensure to spot a sick bird early. Otherwise, that disease spreads rapidly between the chickens. Look for any unusual behavior or appearance early to keep your poultry farm business free of risks.

If you find one or a few of them sick with pest infection or illness, treat them immediately before it is too late. Call a vet for further diagnosis of the disease and put the treatment plan in place right away. That is the way to conduct your poultry farm business safely.

5. Vaccinate Broiler Rearing

If any contagious disease spreads fast amongst the poultry birds, it will ruin your poultry farm business. There is no effective treatment for poultry diseases yet.

Therefore, vaccination is vital to keeping the birds away from any potential harm from the fast-spreading of disease.

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Know that there are different types of vaccines available to poultry farmers. But bacterial, mycoplasma, and viral vaccines are generally in use. You must have some knowledge of the vaccines meant for poultry birds.

RDV Vaccine – It is administered to the adult chicken in the form of a tablet.

Gumboro Live Vaccines – This vaccine is to counter bumboo disease in baby chicken and given. It is in tablet form that you should mix with a liquid material.

Fowl Pox Vaccines – With this vaccine, your chickens will be free from chickenpox disease. This vaccine is usually in a small vial.

Mareks Vaccines – Marek’s is a highly contagious viral neoplastic disease found in chickens. With this vaccine, your poultry farm will be free from this virus.

Cholera Vaccines – Make sure that your farm chickens have this vaccine applied to them to keep them away from cholera disease. The vaccine comes in liquid form.

Mycoplasma Vaccines – Mycoplasmosis disease is the leading cause of respiratory infections in chickens. By applying this vaccine, your poultry farm will get rid of this deadly virus.

Duck Plague Vaccines – Duck Plague or duck viral enteritis [ DVE] is a highly contagious disease of ducks, swans, and geese. But it rapidly spreads to chickens. This vaccine is essential to protect your chickens.

So, meet your vet doctor and vaccinate your farm birds to keep your poultry farm business from any potential harm from diseases.

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6. Comply With Poultry Farms Regulations

Find out what are the rules and regulations regarding poultry farming in your area. You must abide by those legalities so that your poultry farm business runs smoothly without any legal issues.

Approach your local government agencies to get detailed legal information and check every box before starting your poultry farm.

That is particularly so if your farm is in Europe or the UK, where you have to comply with strict farm laws. If you are a US citizen, then to run your business, think of applying to form an LLC which has many benefits for the startups.

7. Spread A Word For Your Farm

You need to meet many people daily. Tell them about your plans to start your own poultry business. Start by talking to your friends and neighbors.

Visit events related to the poultry farm business and try to make friends with as many people as you can. You may meet some of your potential clients.

Make all of them aware of your farming plans and take their advice. Let them know about your latest poultry farming techniques. That will win their trust in your poultry farm business.

The best way to make everyone hear about your upcoming poultry farm business is to spread the word on social media. Use Twitter and Facebook to your advantage in this regard.

All you need to do is to tweet something interesting consistently. That will evoke a response from people and your followers. At the same time, elaborate on your farming techniques, etc. on

Facebook with images. That will ensure the daily engagement of people with your business.When you contact people and clients, present your business card to them. This is a professional way to introduce your poultry farm business.

The business card design must include your contact details like your phone number, fax number, and website address.

They will keep your card and many of them will contact you whenever they need your poultry products. They will remember your poultry business whenever they have a requirement.

8. Hire Professionals

Many aspects of poultry farming are such that they should be handled only by experienced people who know the nuances very well.

So, hire only professionals who have experience working with a poultry farm business. But farming is not labor-intensive if you can involve technology.

However, you will also need an administrative officer or manager to keep a close eye on your day-to-day affairs of the business. Hire a manager who can double as your accountant also to save cost on staffing. So, hire experienced professionals who can build and execute your poultry farm business plan carefully.

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9. Put Your Business On The Web

Most of your potential clients search and shop poultry products online. If your clients are looking for a chicken poultry farm around a town, they will first use search engines to locate such a poultry farm business.

If your farm is not on the web, you are missing a plethora of business opportunities. Therefore, make it a point to have a dedicated website for your poultry business.When users visit your website to find out more about your poultry farm business, it should make a positive impact on them by its elements of colors, typeface, images, and relevant information. Create a website design that is easily navigational, loadable, and user-friendly. Your website should stand out

However, just an ordinary website will not do well for your poultry farm business. The website should give a positive impression of your business. Make sure that the site pages have the right images of your business and location.

People will have a glance at your home page or landing page to quickly find out how you stand out in your industry. So, create your web pages to make them stand out from your competitors’ websites.

Your About page is perhaps the most crucial one as it will provide information about your poultry farm business. So, design it with utmost care.


Another important thing to note here is that your poultry farm business website pages must be quickly loadable. If interested clients click on the site and it takes time to load, you will lose a potential customer. So, create a website that opens with one click immediately.


Give Relevant and Updated Information

Your website must have the updated information on your poultry niche. That will help in building trust in your business. So, post your blogs consistently to educate people on different aspects of the poultry farm business. With such content, people see you as an authority in your field.

10. Market Your Farm Products

When starting your poultry business, one of the significant things to keep in mind is the aspect of marketing. Without having a marketing plan, it is hard to achieve your poultry farm business goals.

To market your products, make sure that you have properly analyzed the demand and supply situation for your products in your niche market. Know the target consumer of your poultry company also to pinpoint consumer profile.

At the initial stage of the poultry farm business, you should sell your product in a nearby market. Most chicken farmers do so to shorten their travel time and reduce costs.

Also, when you consistently go to the same market to sell your farm products, it helps to build trust and a loyal customer base.

You should adopt cheaper means of reaching your consumers. For example, create and distribute flyers which are one of the cheapest means of marketing your poultry products to the masses.

A creative flyer design will immediately draw the recipients’ attention, and many of them will think of buying your farm products.

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