July1 , 2022

Profitability Of Catfish Farming In Nigeria



Profitability Of Catfish Farming In Nigeria

Currently, catfish farming in Nigeria has turn out to be a major source of income for several households in Nigeria. Whether the farming procedures are base on small scale or commercial purposes it has made lot of contribution to the country’s economy, thereby increasing the profitability in this farming sector.


The following are some of the reasons why catfish farming is still profitable:


1. There is high demand for catfish, so be ready to fetch good market prices from your catfish.

2. The catfish farming is very attractive and lucrative because it has the fastest growth rate.

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3. When manage well, there will always be good profits to be made (Return On Investment).

4. You can start on a small scale and still make profits if you don’t have enough capital for commercial catfish farming.

5. There is a ready market for your catfishs if you can market your business well.

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6. Best aquaculture practices help to strengthen the market system therby turning the catfish farmers to extra ordinary millionaires.

Catfish farming will continue to be a lucrative agribusiness, provided that there is space and careful planning.

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