July1 , 2022

Raising Rabbits for Profit: 7 Ways to Make Extra Money with Rabbits



Raising Rabbits for Profit: 7 Ways to Make Extra Money with Rabbits

1. Selling Rabbit Meat


Rabbit meat is widely popular meat throughout many different cultures of the world. However, in the United States, it has not gained the popularity it deserves.


The white meat, produced by rabbit, is exceptionally lean. It has lower calories, lower fat, and higher protein. The only downside is that rabbit meat has higher cholesterol which may not be good if you have cardiovascular disease.

So, if you are looking to eat healthier meat, you should consider rabbit–not to mention you can swap out chicken meat for rabbit meat in almost any recipe.

Who To Sell Your Rabbit Meat To:

Once your meat is processed, you should get it to the consumer as soon as possible. Here’s a list of ideas on where you can sell your rabbit meat:

Friends and family

Farmer’s markets

High-end or local restaurants

Grocery stores

Online (lots of extra red tape here since you may be selling across state lines)

Owner of dogs that consume raw dog food

Commercial dog food companies

2. Selling Rabbit Pelts

Naturally, after you’ve processed a rabbit for meat, the hide is a byproduct, if you will. Instead of discarding this part of the rabbit, you can turn it into something beautiful that many crafters would love to have in their studio. Rabbit pelts are often used to make clothes, dolls, and other goodies. If you are artistic, you can create your own masterpieces and sell them to consumers.

Tanning rabbit hides can be a longterm process, but with care and practice, it can become easier to complete. You can learn to prepare the pelt yourself or hire someone to do this for you–just remember, outsourcing will cut into your profit margin!

Who To Sell Rabbit Pelts To:

Commercial Industry



3. Selling Rabbit Fur as Fiber

Rabbit fur is a luxury item for crafters and commercial operations that want to produce a soft, silky, product. Instead of the entire tanned hide, rabbit fur is sheared, or hand-plucked, from long-haired rabbits, such as the Angora Rabbit.

If you want to make a profit from rabbits, but don’t have the heart to use them for meat, you could start shearing your pet Angora rabbits and make a few bucks on this luxury fiber.

Who to Sell Rabbit Fiber To:


Flea Markets


Knitters, Fiber Artists, Spinners

Woolen Mills

Yarn Shops

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4. Selling Ready-to-Use Fertilizer with Rabbit Manure

Rabbit manure is a superpowered fertilizer because it is rich in nitrogen and can be applied directly to plants without the risk of burning the vegetation.

So, instead of having to wait months to use fertilizer from other animals, nutrient-rich rabbit manure can be used right away!

Who to Sell Rabbit Manure To:


Hobby Farmers

Landscaping Companies

5. Build a Worm Farm with Rabbit Manure

If you are looking to get every last ounce of use from your rabbitry operation, you can add worms to the mix.

Yup, you can use worms and vermicomposting not only to help compost manure and keep odors down but also as another potential income stream.

Who to Sell Worms To:

Because you will be using worms like nightcrawlers, you can them to:


Bait Shops

People who utilize composting bins

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6. Selling Rabbits As Pets

You can always sell your rabbits as breeders or pets to those who just want a fluffy bunny to spend their time with.

7. Selling Pinkies

This income stream may make you feel a little squeamish, but if you want to add another one to your list, you can consider selling newborn kits to snake owners and pet stores.

You don’t have to take live kits to the pet store if you don’t want to; you can just sell those that didn’t survive from your most recent kindling (litter of rabbits).

Often, in a large rabbitry, there will be stillborns and does that do not care for their young. Overly large litters often suffer because does do not have enough milk for their whole kindling.

When you notice a lifeless kit, as long as it has not been dead for a long time, you can freeze them, and sell them once you have enough…but be sure to check frequently because no one wants a rotten pinkie.

Who to Sell Pinkies To:

Snake Owners

Pet shops

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