May20 , 2022

Benefits of Mycotoxin Binders



Benefits of Mycotoxin Binders

Whether you want to lengthen the shelf life of feed or are focused on providing a nutritionally complete diet to your animals, mycotoxin binders work to enhance the quality of feed and raw materials while protecting livestock from dangerous health risks.


High-quality binders latch on to mycotoxins, preventing them from being absorbed by your livestock’s gut and entering the bloodstream.


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Benefits of Using Mycotoxin Binders

Reduces the chance of mycotoxicosis

Improves animal health

Boosts livestock productivity

Avoids expensive veterinary costs

Toxin Binder Composition

The key to eliminating the production of mycotoxins that lead to dangerous health issues is selecting a mycotoxin binder with a proven composition. Many of the best mycotoxin binders include a variety of the following elements:

Organic acids

Activated charcoal

Selected silicates

Yeast cell wall components

Surfactants and photogenic derivative

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Using mycotoxin binders is a great way to combat the loss of nutritive value in feeds that have been contaminated by toxins and have decreased in palatability. If you suspect that molds have contaminated your feed or raw materials, it’s essential that you immediately begin using binders. This will limit the possibility of disease due to absorption of toxins into the bloodstream.

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