May20 , 2022

Nutritional differences between layer and broiler chickens



Nutritional differences between layer and broiler chickens

  • As boilers are meat-producing bred they grow quite faster and require more fed as compared to those of layers. Layer hens generally require a diet that is high in specific vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.
  • The color of egg yolks mainly depends on the nutrition provided to layer hens while the feed of boiler chicken influences the taste of their meat to some extent.

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  • The goal of a laying hen diet is to optimize egg production (in terms of egg number, size, or weight), providing the nutrition needed to stay healthy and maintain desired body weight. The chicks are given a relatively high amount of energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals for the starting period. Once the chicks are completely molted, their energy needs are reduced.

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  • Broilers should be fed compound feed rich in protein. Broiler food should contain targeted amino acids to promote rapid growth and help broilers effectively reach slaughter weight.

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