June30 , 2022

10 Awesome Facts about Pig Farming Business



10 Awesome Facts about Pig Farming Business

The following are some facts about pigs and pig farming business:

  • It requires low to medium capital to start.
  • The degree of profit depends on production management.
  • They can eat anything e.g. kitchen wastes, farm crop residues etc., but most of these junks make them develop more body fat and less edible meat. It is important to know the nutritional requirements of pigs.
  • Good and nutrient-rich feeds need to be given to them especially at the younger age.

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  • Good breeding practice brings out good results.
  • Pure foundation stock can be used for a longer time and even can be used for rapid expansion.
  • They perform well under good housing management.
  • They are to be given enough water to drink and wallow; because of their sensitivity to heat and lack of sweat gland to cool-off body heat.

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  • Faeces and effluent disposal problems will be encountered.
  • Advisably, different breeds of the pig should be started with.
  • When planning to establish a livestock farm, please give swine/pig farming a top consideration.

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