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FAD: Tell us about yourself, for the benefit of the farmers.


Dr. Olusegun Makanjuola: I am Dr. Olusegun Makanjuola, a veterinary doctor with over three decades of practice and experience. I have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA), am a fellow of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria and a Kansas State University, USA certified poultry trainer.
I am the CEO of GlobalWyse Ltd., with the vision of using modern technology to enhance profitability in all businesses. We engage in mentoring, coaching, training, and development.

We are farmers (both crops and livestock) and consultants to various establishments. We develop and manage businesses. We are manufacturers’ representatives and we market veterinary medicaments, biologicals (vaccines), biosecurity products, and equipment.

I am one of the organizers of the Nigeria International Poultry and Livestock (NIPOLI) Expo 2022. We are envisioned to impact knowledge, educate farmers and share vital developmental and modern technological information to enhance profitability for all stakeholders.

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FAD: Tell us about the upcoming NIPOLI event

Dr. Olusegun Makanjuola: The upcoming NIPOLI event is a repackaged international expo to bring efficiency to our daily routines in the business of poultry and livestock production.
It is a three (3) days event starting from the 17th of May to the 19th of May, 2022, at the International Conference Centre, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.
We have activities that will change the orientation and perception of all the stakeholders (investors, practicing farmers and input suppliers, etc).
It is an all-encompassing event to improve efficiency daily in our businesses thus making our investments make sense in terms of profitability.

The objectives are; To impart knowledge, educate, and share vital information to enhance profitability in poultry and livestock businesses.
There is dynamism in everything these days, you cannot do business the same way you did it last year. Things keep changing, so to be profitable in our poultry and livestock businesses, farmers have to increase their knowledge to improve their efficiency, thereby enhancing their productivity for more profitability.

The essence of any business is to make profits. With the high cost of production in the livestock industry, only efficient farmers will breakthrough.
We have selected gurus (Subject Matter Experts) and technocrats in their fields of endeavor, to come and impact knowledge that will enhance profitability and guarantee food security.

We have enough resources in terms of personnel, ideas, and connections to make the event worthwhile, and to be very cost-effective. Though it’s a 3-day program, our charges for booth, advertisements and product presentations are very considerate because we take into cognizance the economic situation in Nigeria. We are not out to kill but to revive businesses and help them flourish.

We have spread our tentacles globally to embrace participants from all over the world – exhibitors, speakers, farmers, and students.
We have 5 plenary sessions that are addressing the present pressing needs of all poultry and livestock farmers, to make them more efficient and culminate in good profits. Also, the sessions are targeted toward food security in Nigeria. The organizers of the event are:
Comman Event Management Services
Globalwyse Ltd
AgroInfoTech Africa
International Livestock and Research Institute (ILRI)
We have already been supported by notable organizations like the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment, SouthWest State Government and their Ministry of Agriculture, All related poultry and Livestock association such as: Poultry Association of Nigeria (National and all South Western States), Catfish Association of Nigeria, Pig Association of Nigeria, Sheep/Goat Association of Nigeria, Rabbit, Turkey group. Other Major sponsors are CHI, Grand Cereals, Danisco, Turner Wright, Apple and Pears, Afrimash, Freshlink, BAF Turkey, Arshine also NIPOLI EXPO 2022 conference is sponsored by W.V.E.P.A.H. Germany.
We are still open to more sponsorships and supports. We are promising a fun-filled, educative, business-changing, and impactful event.

FAD: Please enumerate what farmers are bound to gain from this event.

Dr. Olusegun Makanjuola: the benefits are;
Entry is free for the 3 days.
It will be an avenue for knowledge to be imparted to farmers to learn new ways of doing the poultry and livestock business.
Opportunities to meet with producers of input that farmers have been used to and avenue to network with them.

Opportunity to associate with researchers and research works that are beneficial to the businesses and strike a deal with the research institutes to connect their research results with farming practices thereby achieving the desired increase in productivity, yield, and eventual profit.

FAD: What do you think will be the gains of the exhibitors at the event?

Dr. Olusegun Makanjuola: For exhibitors, the NIPOLI Exposition will be a powerful platform, offering opportunities and benefits such as:
Excellent launchpad for new products and innovation.
Opportunity to meet with a highly targeted audience with lots of new buyers, thereby increasing the potential for new sales.
Atmosphere to interact with people who have managerial and decision-making responsibilities in their institutions and organisations.
Opportunity to raise brand awareness, thereby increasing visibility in the marketplace.
Strengthen existing business relationships in a face-to-face environment.
Ability to educate your buyers so they can more effectively sell your products to the end consumers or more effectively use your products as end consumers.
Opportunity to gain first-hand information about emerging trends in the marketplace.
A unique trade platform that is tailored to your needs through concurrently held fairs.
Yearlong visibility through the Show Catalogue which is used as a directory by show attendees.
This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it shows the depth of benefits this event offers, which are too numerous to list.

FAD: How many farmers are you expecting at the event, and what preparations are being made to ensure a fantastic outing?

Dr. Olusegun Makanjuola: Using previous NIPOLI Expositions as an indicator, we are expecting over 4000 visitors at the event, including VIP guests and influential personalities, over 600 hosted buyers/clients, over 30 related associations and institutions, and more than 10 Government/Public Institutions represented at the event.

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Dates: 17th-19th May, 2022

Location: ICC, UI, Ibadan, Nigeria

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Let meet and discuss B2B, B2G and B2G with all major Poultry & Livestock Companies Worldwide (Manufacturers and Distributors) at NIPOLI EXPO 2022.

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