July1 , 2022

All You Need to Know About Cassava Farming



All You Need to Know About Cassava Farming

The opportunities in Cassava farming cannot be overstated. At least 1 in 10 families all over the world consumes products made from cassava daily. Cassava, now grown throughout the tropical world, is second only to the sweet potato as the most important starchy root crop of the tropics.


The areas now used for cassava cultivation are increasing rapidly because it grows easily, has large yields and is little affected by diseases and pests. The plant is grown for its edible tubers, which serve as a staple food in many tropical countries and are also the source of an important starch.


Why is this farm product in high demand? Well, here are some of the benefits:

1. Cassava is drought tolerant, which means it also does reasonably well in poor soils with low rainfalls, hence, can be a reserve product in times of farming. It has an extensive root system that makes it access nutrients other crops can’t.

2. Due to the above, its economic value rarely diminishes! This is why over the years it has become a priority for the Nigerian government to aid the production of cassava.

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3. It is a flexible crop as it can serve as subsistence or cash crops. So, while poor farmers can use it as a food crop, entrepreneurs can also use it as a cash crop.

4. Cassava products are used for starch, flour, chips, ethanol, glucose syrup, and bread.

5. The cassava plant is a good source of energy. It is rich in carbs, calories, fibre, vitamins, minerals and smaller amounts of fats and protein.

6. It can be dried and used to make starch and feed animals.

7. According to Acta Scientific, despite being the highest producers of cassava in the world, Nigeria has a mediocre total export of 1.25 million dollars compared to Thailand which has the highest export value of 1.19 billion dollars in 2017. This provides an amazing opportunity in the export market for entrepreneurs.

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