July1 , 2022

How to Identify Good Egg Layers in a Flock



How to Identify Good Egg Layers in a Flock

If you end up with a hodgepodge of chickens and can’t tell is any of them are layers; here is a couple of methods that might help.

  • Inspect the space between the pubic bones. If a chicken is a good layer, you will normally see a two-finger spread between the public bones. Non-layers will have pubic bones that are rigid and close together.

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  • Believe it or not, most good layers of traditionally white eggs have yellow skin which shows signs of bleaching of pigment. Just be careful because yellow skin can also be a sign of disease and abnormality in chickens wherein the skin color exhibits faded pigment. You may want a veterinarian to take a look just to make sure.

The color of the hen’s skin closest to their ears can also help you to know what color eggs they will lay. Pale or white-skinned hens will traditionally lay white eggs while red-skinned will traditionally lay brown eggs.

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