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Poultry Farm Management System



Poultry Farm Management System

Poultry Care management usually refers to the husbandry practices or production techniques that help to maximize the efficiency of production. Sound management practices are very essential to optimize production. Scientific poultry management aims at maximizing returns with minimum investment.


Poultry Management System


Our Poultry Management System is a full-featured Software with a user-friendly user interface, which allows you to manage your Poultry Graphically efficiently. Poultry Farming Software And Feed Management.

The event aims at maximizing returns with minimum investment.

Important components of poultry farm management software.

Selection of data collection records.

Proper and safe data readings.

Proper feedmill and medication maintanance.

Report of analytical data’s.

Poultry Farm

Poultry farming is the practice of raising fowl for egg production and chicken meat.

Fowls are used for producing eggs and broilers are used for producing meat.

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Types of Poultry Management

According to the housing system of poultry, poultry management fundamentally 4 types

Free Range poultry Management

Semi-intensive poultry Management

Folding Unit poultry Management

Intensive Poultry management

Poultry Management System

Our Poultry Management System is a full-featured Software with a user-friendly user interface, which allows you to manage your Poultry Graphically efficiently. It is developed specifically for Integrated Poultry Farmers, Poultry Brokers, Egg Trading, Feed Trading, Chicken Trading, Feed Formulation, which is affordable, powerful, and easy to use.

Our Poultry Management System includes the following modules,

Broiler Farming Management System.

Breeder Management System.

Commercial Layer Management System.

Feed Mill Management System.

Hatchery Management System.

Poultry processing Slaughtering.

Poultry Trading Management System (Eggs Feed Chicks broiler)Integrated With.

Support Unlimited Farms Flocks And Point Of Sale,





Slaughter House

Chicken Management

Eggs Trading

Feed Trading


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Layer Management System

Layer Management System is exclusively for the commercial layer poultry farmer which helps in not only record-keeping but also has a decision-making tool. This software application covers all aspects of Egg Laying Farms, from the housing of Day Old Chicks to Egg Laying Birds. A person with basic knowledge can easily use this software.

Layer Management System allows you to perform the following tasks,

Brooder Weekly Report

Daily and Weekly depletion (Mortality, Culling, Slaughter Sale And Shift) Report order by farm name Flock Sub Flock And Sheds

Daily Entry OF Consumption (Feed, Medicine, vaccine, disinfectant)

Cost Per Egg Report

Bird Transfer By the shed

Combined Report

Eggs Production & Grading

Feed Consumption Daily Weekly And farm Flock sub Flock wise

Layer Weekly Report

Layer Finalization

Individual Farm Flock Wise Performance

Vaccination Report

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Periodic Report

Vaccination Schedule

Flock Wise Vaccination Schedule

Flock Wise Performance

Standard Vs Actual Comparison Report

Feed Details

Cost/Hen and Return/Hen Details

Individual Flock Performance Report

CRM Application

Daily planning

Daily visit report

GPS tracking

Setting sales target

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Expense/Kilometer report

The system will generate accurate inventory vs. production data. Lab testing reports are linked with purchase activity. Hence unnecessary purchases can be avoided easily. Movement analysis keeps track of unused inventory. Facility to specify nutrient values during formula creation. Reorder level alerts are produced if stock is about to end.

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